Some people would argue that I have been telling stories my whole life.  Having four children affords me the opportunity to act a little less than mature than I need to.  When my daughter Kathryn was little I began telling her the story of the Bubble Gum Girl.  It wasn't long before it became her story.  I have been fortunate enough to have read this story as part of the 'Mystery Reader' events at my children's school, Holy Redeemer.  When I first read it to my oldest son Robert's 1st grade class, in 2007, a girl approached me afterwards and asked me if she could buy the book at Barnes and Noble.  Well, that got the wheels turning...for a time till life slowed them down.

Now the wheels are turning again, this time with a little more speed.  I have a found a fantastic illustrator, Michele Phillips, a local self-publisher, BookLogix, and the support of my lovely wife Gina, my children, Robert, William, Katie and Lily along with the collective support of many friends and a wonderful young lady (thanks Shannon M.) who have given me a collective push to bring this story to print.  I have several other stories that I have written and in due time, I will get them all out.  Stay tuned and check back often for updates and news on other stories.  Please like us on Facebook and join 'The Bubble Gum Girl' page as well.  Thanks everyone, let the fun begin!

Jim O'Brien

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